Why you should visit Venice at night

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If you want to experience and live a completely different Venice, you should then plan a night visit out on the town. Not in the evening or sunset (obviously these moments are valid too) but at night. The city’s nature radically changes under the moonlight, from crowded island rich in energy it morphs into a calm and timeless setting. 

During the nocturnal hours (after 11 p.m.) the touristic “daily” flow is almost completely extinguished, returning the city to its residents and whoever truly would like to explore it. We all know that after an intense day spent walking from one side of the city to the other, between churches and museums, exhibitions and palaces, the desire to continue walking after dinner isn’t much. But believe it, making the effort will be repaid by the incredible emotions you’ll have when walking alone in Venice.

First of all we need to establish that Venice is a safe city even at night. Fortunately, almost every quarter in the island is easily treaded at all hours of the day and night, which adds another reason to enjoy a nice walk under the moonlight. Furthermore, the public lighting is well distributed and there is no chance you can fall in the water from poor lighting.

If you don’t want to walk (we suggest you experience both) you may think about going on a romantic gondola ride at night  (more expensive than the day fee) or a fascinating ride with the vaporetto on the Grand Canal. (Possibly after one in the morning, when there’s hardly anyone on the boat.) You won’t regret it.

During the late hours there are many areas in Venice that are practically deserted. After the restaurants close, between alleys and campi, there will be just you and your desire to explore the beautiful city. If you would like experience the Venetian movida you can go to the Santa Margherita area, Erbaria, and Fondamenta degli Ormesini in Cannaregio.

But for an authentic Venice, calm and timeless, take a romantic walk, even behind the crowded San Marco area; it will take your breath away.

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