Why visit Venice in September

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We know you don’t always get to choose when you have time off. But for those who have a choice, visiting Venice in September is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. The days are less humid and the sunsets are unique hues of orange and the rhythm of the city has remarkably cut down compared to the crowded summer period.

And since the temperatures have cooled down and the days are shorter, but always intense, September awakens the people along with the big cultural institutions.  Don’t miss out on at least one night at the Venice Film Festival (this year there will be numerous showings and free encounters in certain areas.) For those who are looking for more mundane events there is the special Gala Night for the Literary Campiello Prize.

If you’re looking for traditional instead, the first Sunday of September is dedicated to the renowned and unforgettable Regata Storica (Historical Regatta) a procession of beautiful ordained boats with oars and a fashion show of traditional costumes along the Grand Canal (don’t forget the race competition of local teams.)

But there isn’t just the big events characterized by the Venetian September (the art and architecture shows start up again with visitors in all the pavilions.) The whole city slowly goes back to normal and its residents enjoy the last days of beach in Lido, University students crowd the campi and fondamente during aperitif hours and the postcard city goes back to being a lively city.

It’s the best time (without forgetting October) to enjoy a different Venice, Slow, just like we like it. Gardens and public parks are marvelous during this time, while you can enjoy the perfect climate with a spritz on the border of one of the many canals or a romantic dinner outside on some characteristic restaurant (make sure you don’t choose a touristic one.)

So in other words, if your trying to decide where to go on your September vacation don’t forget about Venice, because during this season the seaside air and sun fill the island with a new, unique and sensational atmosphere.

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