Why visit the “minor” islands of Venice

Tramonto su isola Poveglia

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Venice is an island but it’s not the only island of the Venetian Lagoon. This environment is unique and extraordinary and has numerous hidden islands, also known as “minori” for their smaller surfaces and collocations. But that doesn’t mean they are any less bewildering. 

There are many different and well known islands like that of Murano, Burano, and Torcello. But if you want to discover more of the northern and southern lagoon, you’ll find many islands accessible by public transportation as well as traditional boats, and why not be courageous and go by Kayak (there are many rental services for the warmer seasons).


San Lazzaro degli Armeni

It doesn’t seem like a minor island based on its importance and position. Situated a few minutes from the San Marco Basin, between the island if San Servolo and Lido. This marvelous island contains the headquarters of the Mekhitaristi and it is one of the first Armenian cultural centers in the world. The beauty of this island is breathtaking.


Lazzaretto New and Old  

They are two distinct islands that are found opposite each other in respects to Venice. The function of these islands has been modified throughout the years. Starting off as a religious sediment, to an island where the sick were “quarantined” and then for military purposes.  The old Lazzeretto just a few kilometers from Lido host new incredible buildings just recently restored. Unfortunately it is only open to visitors during the weekends, April through October.

The New Lazzeretto is found in front of the popular Sant’Erasmo Island (a must see) and deserves to be discovered and visited with a tour guide that includes an excursion in the lagoon waters.



This island isn’t accessible by public transportation nor is it open to the public. Nonetheless it is worth uncovering because in the last years it has been a symbol of the city’s patrimony and the Venetians strive to protect and make it available to everyone. Here you can find the interesting project.  For special occasions, tours are organized to visit the island.

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