Why Love Venice in the Autumn

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There are many ways- and periods to enjoy Venice. Everyone tends to have their favorite season, the one that puts them at ease, the one that satisfies their body and soul. So why not combine these moments with a trip to the lagoon? If autumn is on your side, you are lucky: Venice is amazing during this season.

Many are fascinated by autumn, which is an uncertain period between summer and the upcoming winter. But it’s known, in autumn, there are no certainties.  You can live an amazing Summer of San Martino in November or a sudden cold winds come October.  While September is cool and ASSOLATA, with splendid terse days and perfect weather to relax/stay in the open-air outdoors. This is the perfect climate to bicycle around Lido or take a break in the beautiful gardens in museums and public parks.

The “normalcy” of October gives you the chance to experience a different version from the “summer” perspective of the city. These months offers weeks of mild weather and unexpected colors not just at sunset. It’s the perfect time to visit the various art exhibitions around the island, but also the perfect time to have aperitifs before lunch under the warm rays of the sun at noon.  Many get to the city to run, and not just for the Venice Marathon.

While waiting for the end of Autumn you can encounter high water: the sea invades the alleyways, campielli, and fondamente reminding you of the difficult yet fascinating balance the city built on water deals with. There are times when you may wake up and open the window to your apartment only to find damp morning fog. Don’t be discouraged, it’s part of the Venetian charm, when the foggy nights break only during the central hours where the almost winter sun shines dim rays of light dissolving the fog.

If you love traditions, Venice in the autumn offers some of the more heartfelt events like the Madonna della Salute festival. The atmosphere is rich and spiritual from the candles and boats united to make bridges. Venice is Venice.

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