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venice film festival

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Everyone knows the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most important in the world. But maybe not everyone knows the Venice Film Festival is even older. Ever since 1932, films were being projected out in the open on the luxurious terrace of Hotel Excelsior, overlooking the Lido shore.

Time has passed but even now its worth immerging yourself in the festivals atmosphere that from the end of August and beginning September involves that specific part of Lido from the Hotel Excelsior reaching the Ex Casino Palace.


If you are movie lovers, you will find your cup of tea: hundreds of showings, international movie premieres, and smaller independent movies that would probably be invisible in any other part of the world.  If you’re a glamour lover you should than have an aperitif before the red carpet in front of Cinema Palace (like at the chic Leone d’Oro.) Or partake in the exclusive parties including the really prestigious ones that are usually linked to big fashion names. You will need to search for an invite ahead of time.


Anyhow, an excursion to the Venice Film Festival is bound to be great fun, if you plan ahead. Buy tickets online for The Sala Grande if you want to witness a premiere with the actors (most important showings are usually at 19:30.) You may also book in the Sala Palabiennale where you can see 2 films for 20 euros. If you would like to have an elegant dinner, simply choose a restaurant in Venice or maybe even on another island between the city and the festival; during the festival in fact Lido is full of stars but not so many restaurants of that caliber.


If you choose to spend the day at the beach and to scope your favorite actor, towards the evening you can grab a hamburger, we suggest ”Lo Sbrega” al Pecador  (a stand in front of the beach a few meters left after having crossed the Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta – the street that cuts in half the island -) to then continue on the walk at sunset to the red Carpet.

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