Where to have apéritifs in San Marco during the Art Biennale

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Walking around Venice is marvelous.  Wherever you turn you see something irresistible. But if you’ve planned a big tour, then maybe take advantage of the free exhibitions correlated with the Biennale, and relish a well-deserved apéritif in San Marco.


We’ll tell you right away: The Café Quadri and Harry’s Bar are famous, but demanding, in all senses. It would be best to take advantage of the typical Bàcaro or recently renovated bar to drink a good Spritz and taste some delicious cicchetto or appetizer. If you need to take a break, it’s best to choose a low-key bar, even if it’s near a known alley. Here are some ideas:



Far from the more crowded alleys this Bar is incredibly close to the Rialto Bridge. It has an serene external courtyard with outside tables and two internal rooms that are well furnished and comfortable, a precious oasis for your itinerary.  Quality apéritifs and snacks (as well as cocktails to finish your day.)



This is a real Bàcaro (typical venetian bar) the ones that you can still smell the typical Venetian atmosphere. If you want an appetizer or informal dinner, you’re in the right place. Fish cicchetto, spectacular tramezzini, sandwiches or crostini with cold cuts and much more are on the menu.  Its position is convenient just a stone’s throw away from Campo San Luca.



Near Campo Santo Stefano, direction Rialto, in a lateral alley from Calle della Mandola, you’ll find this modern style bar. Just short of the touristic flow of people but still in the city center (in close range of the Opera House La Fenice.) It’s a perfect place to take a break from one exhibition to another, or to taste a plate of cold cuts or some cold plates of fish followed by a good wine.



There is always talk of the Biennale, but not everyone knows that the in the splendid Palazzo Ca’ Giustinian lies the general headquarters of the establishment, just recently renovated is a cafeteria located in the historical room “degli Specchi” (mirrors.)    The view is breathtaking: there is a splendid terrace and bordering canal that faces directly to San Marco. Prices are some of the best you can find around that area. And since you’re already there, al Portego, ground floor, you should enjoy the exhibition dedicated to Harold Szeemann.


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