Where to go when Venice is packed

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Its happens, especially on weekends during peak season, that Venice is literally bombarded with people. It’s nothing new-Venice isn’t the only city of art, Italian or not, that experiences it.  Either way it must be taken into consideration and shouldn’t be discouraging; in fact it can be an opportunity to discover a different side or an alternative Venice.

It doesn’t matter how many airplanes, ships or trains that can reach Venice daily: Venice has hidden corners, immaculate areas free of hoards of tourists that are just as splendid to discover.

Alternative Prospects

Even popular well known areas have their  back ways, so these beautiful areas can be admired from different angles. Why not peer at piazza San Marco’s skyline from the Island of San Giorgio or why not discover the Salute Basilica by walking along the Zattere to the Punta della Dogana? How about taking a picture of the San Marco Basin from the Lido island?

Central Outskirts

Venice (island) has no outskirts, it’s all considered historical center. Of course there are areas more populated and some out of the way.  In fact, if you find Rialto and San Marco to be too crowded for your tastes, take advantage of the calmer and serene atmosphere found on the Giudecca island (it’s incredible panorama offers you a view on both canal and lagoon on the other side.)  Give yourself a break and live in the hidden university areas of Dorsoduro, by visiting the beautiful San Nicolò dei Mendicoli church. An afternoon break under the trees of Sant’Elena (sunset is breath taking –no doubt) is a cure-all, just like a visit to the marvelous island (and you don’t need a boat to get there) of San Pietro di Castello.

Alternative Museums

There are many museums in Venice, some are very frequented, and others are calmer. All deserve being seen, but to avoid long lines or extraordinarily crowded areas, you can choose to visit the Museum of Perfumes in Palazzo Mocenigo, the Franchetti Gallery in Ca’D’Oro or the Museum of Naval History in Arsenale.

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