What to eat in Venice during Carnival


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During Carnival every trick counts. That’s what’s said around these parts. But in reality when you talk about food and sweets in Venice and in Italy you don’t joke at all. Every party (and every region) – even during different periods of the year – has its typical plates and carnival is no exception. 

The Carnival sweets as always are the most awaited, and not just from the little kids. During this time in Venice in fact, the best patisseries compete for the title “Best Venetian Fritella” while at the same time you can see the windows fill with “Galani and Castagnole”, all typical desserts found come Carnival.

During the Carnival Period the fritelle are the most loved desserts that you can find practically everywhere. Every Patisserie has its recipe and choosing the different variations depends on your tastes. But as always, if I were to suggest the best place to go for a delicious fritella it would be the one and only: Tonolo.


frittelle tonolo

One calls the other. Be prepared to binge on these Venetian delicacies that in Venetian are called fritole (the “l” is not pronounced.) There are many different types. They can be filled with cream, cream Chantilly, Zabaione, chocolate and even hazelnut cream. Some patisseries attempt coating them with icing. But the real, authentic Venetian fritella is plain, with raisons and pine nuts, no cream.  Try them you won’t regret it.


Even this desert has many different regional declinations and therefore different names (chiacchere, crostoli, cenci, frappe, bugie) even if, the taste and form are very similar. The origin of this recipe dates back to Ancient Rome, but the Venetian Galani have some of their own characteristics: a puff pastry in the form of a ribbon. They’re fried too, but for carnival you can indulge a little.


If you don’t want to miss out on anthing, then you can’t pass up these typical Venetian sweets during Carnival. The Castagnole are presented as little golden balls, fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. You won’t be able to stop eating them.


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