What to do in Venice when there’s Fog

foggy venice

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Oh no, Foggy day. We’re in Venice, it happens. During the humid Autumn in a city on water it’s a condition that can verify itself easily. But there’s no need to despair, quite the opposite actually. In Venice the fog is an opportunity really. You’re not in a car so therefore not dangerous and it’s not raining (even if we know what to do when it rains in Venice). The atmosphere is mystical and hazy making it the perfect opportunity to travel on a magical adventure in this timeless city, in an even more unique scenery.


Getting Lost 

In Venice it’s always worth it. But with the fog it is particularly fascinating. Palace details timidly emerge through the white covering as well as alleyways.  That is why every stroll becomes a mysterious journey full of surprises. Is that a blurry bridge I glimpse down there? A wall, or maybe a canal? Let yourself be carried away by instinct and don’t bother looking at your watch, at least for a couple of hours.

foggy venice

A stroll at Night 

Venice is beautiful at night. The crowds and visitors by now have retreated and the city is restored its natural charm. You can’t visit Venice and not go out for a stroll at night, even better if it happens to be a foggy night.


Facing the San Marco Basin 

The San Marco basin is the heart of Venice.  It is a look back in history with the most famous Piazza and the Giudecca Canal.  There is a perfect place to view it all in its glory, an outpost that with the fog will make you feel lost in the middle of nowhere, in complete harmony with the city, like a king (almost like Jack at the ships prow, but with more luck thankfully). If you reach the end of the Punta della Dogana in a thick foggy day you will feel totally immersed in the spirit of Venice.

fog venice

A boat ride 

Ok it’s better to go on a sunny day. The most natural way to experience Venice is by boat, any boat but even better if it has oars. It’s an absolute unique Venetian experience that you can find here: (http:www.veniceonboard.it). But with the fog it takes on a completely mystical atmosphere.  The sound of water while navigating by boat becomes a unique tour in a new and incomparable way.   Everything is hidden and reveals itself at the last second. Making it an incredible sensations for such a special city.

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