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venezia 2017

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The New Year has just begun, yet in Venice you must always look ahead. As if there weren’t enough reasons to visit this island, here are some interesting events happening in the year 2017.

Creatum: Carnival in Venice (February 11th-28th

It is something to discovery every time. If you’ve always heard about Carnival in Venice, 2017 is a good year to experience it first-hand. Boat shows, acrobatic displays on water, parties in Palaces, the flight of the Angel, are just some of the many folkloric and loved events during this festivity. From the Rio of Cannaregio to Piazza San Marco to Via Garibaldi, Venice is the Carnival Capital during the month of February.

Hieronymus Bosch in Venice- Doge’s Palace (February 18th– June 4th)

After the enormous success in the Accademia Gallery last year, the Dutch painter Bosch is back in a special exhibition concentrated more so on the artist’s relationship with Venice.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary artist, if you haven’t already in the Beautiful Doge’s palace.

Damien Hirst in Palazzo Ducale and Punta della Dogana (April 9th-)

The two Venetian museums of Francois Pinault are going to host the new project of British artist Damien Hirsh. As always the show is set to be a sensation.

Venice Night Trail 2017 (April 29th and 30th)

If you love running, why not doing it in the most beautiful city in the world? We’ve definitely already gone over that on this blog numerous times and the Venice Night Trail is another perfect opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable night run in this amazing city.

Mark Tobey. Luce filante at the Guggenheim (May 6th- September 10th)

The most important retrospective exhibition dedicated to the American artist is set in the beautiful museum located at the Peggy Guggenheim foundation on the Grand Canal. An occasion you shouldn’t overlook. The inauguration coincides with the worldly famous period of art in Venice.

Biennale of Art: Viva arte Viva (May 13th– November 26th)

Talking about Art frenzy, the 2017 new edition of Biennale art bares the title Viva Arte Viva. A perfect excuse to visit the Arsenal and Giardini headquarters but also to discover the many (free) pavilions scattered about the city.

David Hockney at Ca’pesaro (June 24th– October 22nd)

Another special opportunity for art lovers.  Ca’Pesaro is soon to host David Hockney, pioneer of English Pop Art with 82 portraits and 1 still life. Priceless.

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