What (not) to Order in Venetian Restaurants

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On vacation, not everyone follows the same principles of dining in restaurants.  Rightly so,  everyone has their own tastes and habits. There are those who prefer familiar meals (from back home) or those who prefer an international cuisine or those who like to experiment new recipes and choose local traditional meals.

Italy is a country with a long history of cuisine and is well known for this reason, apart from its landscape and culture. Venice is no exception. It is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world and has a culinary identity that is unique since it is based on its geographical position and tradition. Dominating the Venetian table are dishes typically based on fish from the lagoon or the Adriatic Sea. There are a range of succulent recipes that contain simple ingredients to flavours that are more refined and delicate.

We’ve already seen the best cichetti to choose from and starters from many restaurants based on the same ingredients. Even if you aren’t keen on something new you can’t not try Saor or Spaghetti al nero di seppia (cuttlefish ink), moeche(soft shell crab), risotto di go and the assortment of mollusks from bevarasse to bovoletti and tasting cappe lunghe and garusoli. Choose the right bacaro, osteria, or restaurant.

But what should you not eat in Venice? There are no absolute no-nos, but there are some suggestions to avoid gastronomical disappointments.  Try to avoid touristic restaurants, the ones with a set menu or those that offer the same meals all year round. What’s more, these restaurants aren’t less expensive than the more traditional osterie that are more trust worthy when it comes to the quality or freshness of the ingredients they offer.  Be skeptical of lasagna, cheese pastas, or “Made in Italy” courses in the more touristic restaurants- they don’t promise much.

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