What are the Regate in Venice

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You can’t take away Venice’s traditions. During the centuries, Venice has tried to remain authentic, in spite of it all. Today it still offers some collective rituals that help relive the traditions of the Serenissima Republic or just simply help the few Venetian habitants enjoy the marvelous island. The Venetian Regattas are one of these traditions. 

For those who visit Venice, apart from the splendor of the canals and the calli, palaces and campielli, experiencing these moments first hand is another way to live the authentic, heart and soul of Venice. Apart from the more important festivities like Carnival, Redentore or Madonna della Salute, or the Regata Storica, there are many occasions to experience the traditional Venetian festivities.


Some of the many festivities include the numerous regate (regatta) that every year involves the remiere (rowing associations) of every Venetian quarter including some of the islands from Burano to Pellestrina.


The first regatta in Venice dates back to the 1300’s, even if initially regattas were for military purposes. Over the years it was the Republic of Venice that began organizing the regattas, to celebrate the competition.


The most important Regatta of the season is the Regata Storica. It’s the first Saturday of September (if you’ve never seen it you should) with its spectacular race through San Marco and the Grand Canal – plus a historical parade – but there are just as important and intimate regattas even on a smaller scale


Join the the fans in April when the regatta season begins. From the Sensa to Sant’Erasmo, from Murano to Malamocco, these regattas are the perfect occasion to discover the hidden parts of the lagoon and relive the historical competition still practiced in Venice today.


Foto courtesy Remiera Casteo

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