Waiting for Christmas in Venice

natale a venezia

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Christmas is always Christmas, but if you decide to travel for the holidays, destinations are always tricky to choose. If you’ve never thought of visiting Venice during the winter, then this moment is a perfect one to reconsider this city as a choice and evaluate the many opportunities this Christmas period has to offer to enjoy a special experience in Venice.

The atmosphere

This city is not lacking in uniqueness. Every moment of the year offers different aspects to the city and its unique and fascinating atmosphere remains one of the principle reasons to visit. During the winter period, made of shorter days and temperatures touching below zero, Venice becomes even more accessible since the tourists are fewer and the city takes on a more original, authentic feel. 

The lighting

It isn’t Christmas in the city without the lights hung in the streets, including the lights that decorate the alleys, campielli, houses and stores. Venice doesn’t have particular traditions when it comes to Christmas lights but the way the colored lights appear in the beautiful city make it extra special and frankly breathtaking. In the more terse or foggy days, the nights that showcase palace windows lit for the occasion make Venice seem like a Starry Night.

The ice-skating ring

It might not compare to Rockefeller Center, but the ice skating ring in San Polo has become a pleasant past time for both Venetians and tourists. And let’s face it, it’s very Christmas-y. Adults and children can enjoy skating even at night in a beautiful setting only Venice can offer.

The Christmas Trees

Not even for this reason Venice will enter in the Guinness Book of World Records. You won’t find trees decorated 30 meters high or a lit forest covering Piazza San Marco. What you will find though adjacent to the San Marco Basilica is a beautiful tree occupying a very prestigious place setting a Christmas atmosphere throughout the area.

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