Voyage to the Island of San Servolo

san servolo

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Venice is an island and all around are minor islands that are just as beautiful scattered about the lagoon. Some of these islands offer a very ample peaceful, relaxing and historical quality.  In later years in fact, many islands have been altered architecturally and in function. We’ve already seen a triptych you can’t miss while visiting, but just a few minutes away from Piazza San Marco is another marvel: the island of San Servolo.

The history of San Servolo

The island has a long interesting history. For centuries it was a monastery, before becoming a psychiatric hospital until 1978. The hospital was managed by monks and nuns that found comfort and serenity in its green surroundings, while being close to San Marco. 

Today the whole island lives a new life thanks to its recent restoration and the promise to reinstate buildings and make them centers for research, congress, art exhibitions and events for the city.

Why visit San Servolo

There a lot of good reasons why you should visit this beautiful island. During the season of art shows, often San Servolo hosts interesting collateral events. Often there are musical events, festivals and expositions taking advantage of the space and isolation of the island.  For those that search for more mundane events, there are plenty of parties during the summer and not just for the Cinema Festival in September.

Nonetheless the main reason you should come visit this island is to uncover another panoramic view of Venice, while escaping the crowds of tourists during high season. Disconnect for a little, hop on a vaporetto and allow yourself a special stroll in the park during sunset on the beautiful island of San Servolo.

How to get there

San Servolo isn’t easy to reach with public transportation. An ACTV waterbus departs every 40 minutes from San Zaccaria and only ten actually take you to the island.  Some lines continue on to the beautiful island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni (and others continue towards the Casino in Lido, and only during the Cinema Festival) If you prefer, you can reach the island comfortably by getting a private taxi from any part of the city.

Photo courtesy San Servolo Servizi Metropolitani di Venezia.

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