Venice seen through the eyes of fisherman

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Venice is a city of art, an island rich in history and of immeasurable cultural heritage. But what does the lagoon that for centuries has protected and nurtured still have to hide? Many surprises, many historical mysteries and just as many unforgettable traditions. One of these traditions is fishing which has been a principal source of sustenance for Venice. 

Today everything needs to be reinvented in order to create new opportunities. That is why nowadays you can discover another aspect of this city by boarding Venetian fisherman boat and try fishing for a day. You don’t need experience and it’s a safe and fun activity for the family. Don’t think they are large fishing boats in the middle of ocean that weigh tons because even in the lagoon fishing boats are of a smaller size.


Its called Pescaturismo and Burano has been the first island to propose this form of sustainable slow tourism.  The idea is as simple as it is fascinating: you choose an itinerary you choose what to fish (every marine species requires a different technique and a designated area) and you pass an exciting day on a fishing boat between the lagoon and the beginning waters of the Adriatic Sea.


While forging through the calm waters of the northern lagoon you can discover (even with an application on your tablet) fishermen activities and all the various specializations needed to fish for different species. You can then choose to further your knowledge of “fishing with bilancioni” or the tricks of “capparozzolante” or “molecante” or “vongolaro” or even dedicate yourself to cuttlefish fishing or fasolari.


All the while you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy the beautiful lagoon and islands that scatter this incredible area. An authentic adventure that is different than the usual and will give you a unique experience to take home.

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