Venice seen from Space

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We’ve seen Venice from every angle, indulging every prospective. From up high or from the water. Venice is able to multiply its charm every time, reinventing itself in a kaleidoscope of panoramas and glimpses.

Venice is shaped like a fish, this much we know. The dorsal is Grand Canal, the stomach is Dorsoduro and the fish tail is Sant’Elena.  You can get a good idea yourself when viewing it from the highest point in Venice, The San Marco Bell Tower – with a 360 degree look.

But if you want to see even more, amplify the visual, open your horizons more, what else is there to be seen? Months ago, an Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti brought light to this argument when commenting on a “special” image of Venice and the Veneto territory taken from the International Space Station.

This Photo is stunning and allows us to insert the marvel of Venice and its surroundings in the right context and the complete lagoon environment. You can perfectly see the many islands- major and minor- that constellate the lagoon. You can see right away the long stretch of Lido, the island that separates Venice from the Adriatic sea and the merging of the lagoon with the sea at the “bocche di porto”; you can even make out the mainland by which Venice is connected to by the Liberty Bridge.

It seems like a new world especially if used to seeing Venice from a horizontal perspective like pictures, videos, maps and street views.  Even though it may have fewer details compared to the ones found on the gothic arches of Palazzo Ducale, the special view lets you see the true nature of this millennium city erected from water that is protected by the lagoon.

With just one photo it is plain to see the many reasons why Venice and its territory are most unique.

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