Venice not the only island: Guide to all the islands in Venice

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Not exactly all of them.  There are very many islands in the Venetian lagoon. Many are uninhabited, some are abandoned, and a few are little isles dispersed in the water.  Some are private islands, others host grand and luxurious hotels, and some you can only reach by private boat and are completely covered in vegetation.

Ultimately the islands that surround Venice are priceless and fascinating. Including the closer ones- that make up the historical city center- or the popular ones and the other gems less known that represent the treasures the lagoon has to offer.

We’ve already dedicated numerous articles to these islands (continuously being updated) but here is a brief summary to help orient you in this sea of beauty:


MuranoIsland of glass-making and furnaces. A little Venice easily reached by the Fondamente Nuove.


BuranoThe Island of Merletti or Lace, colored houses and “buranei” and famous “S”cookies. 


torcelloOne of the first settlements in the Venetian Lagoon. An island divided between nature and history, ancient churches and excellent restaurants.


erbe matte orto veneziaA lively and authentic island, where many Venetians live today. It has marvelous artistic treasures and many different panoramic views of historical Venice.

San Giorgio Maggiore

The Palladian basilica dominates the island, but there is much more to uncover on this island.

San Servolo

san servoloWas first an island for “crazy people” now is made up of ample gardens and study center. Peaceful and calm spaces recently renovated and restored.

San Lazzaro of the Armenians

A marvelous island inhabited by the Meckartisti Armenian priests. Rose gardens and beautiful views.


A public park, e regal garden. An oasis of peace and tranquility just a few meters away from Sant’Elena.


Venice’s vegetable garden. Cultivated fields, typical products, and great local festivals.

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