Venice is a Fish: “head” and “tail”

Venice is a fish

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Venice is a fish. Yep, you heard right. Obviously it’s not just any fish. And most importantly you can’t catch it. But if you want to admire it, see it up close and enjoy it, you won’t regret it. 

This bizarre nickname given to the city is because of the way it’s shaped. Crossing the canals you won’t notice it. When walking along the narrow alleys or strolling along campi and campielli, you won’t be able to perceive the islands boundaries or the margins of this extraordinary city. But if we move away from the ground, possibly by climbing the San Marco bell tower Paron de Casa, we can begin to sense the incredible and symbolic formation that Venice has.

If we pay attention and take advantage of our plane ride while landing in Marco Polo Venice airport  (on the right hand side of the airplane, is where you can get a glimpse of the island’s unusual outline) then you will know what we are talking about. Last but not least if you search through Google Maps and its satellite view of the Island, then it will be a done deal: Venice is a fish.

Walking the whole perimeter of Venice is almost possible. You can take a stroll along the “stomach” (from Zattere to Riva degli Schiavoni) up to the “spine” (Fondamente Nuove) and cross of course the “fin” (The Giardini and Sant’Elena).

You don’t need to be particularly courageous to travel along its stomach when following the fish bone. But you will need a boat to travel though the Grand Canal that divides the island in two, just like a “spinal cord.”

The head is the real and true motor of Venice: it connects the island to the Italian mainland, essentially the world. It is one of the areas most recently constructed and is the first thing you notice when crossing the Ponte della Libertà. On the one hand is the Santa Lucia train station and the other is the island of Tronchetto (known for its parking structure.)

Don’t worry the best part of Venice is not its “head”, but the “heart”, that includes San Marco and everything in between. But the “heart” or city center isn’t everything. We often like to make note of this in our blog. There are less popular areas in Venice that deserve the same attention.

That is why, from head to tail, Venice is an unusual and beautiful fish that should be explored and respected all the same.

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