Venice is crowded? Discover it by night

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Have they told you that Venice is chaotic, that it is hard to cross, especially, during “high season” from Carnival to the autumn season. In fact, it’s true: Rialto, Saint Mark’s square and the surrounding areas are full of visitors in search of the beauty for which Venice is celebrated for all over the world. But if there was a way to enjoy the silence and splendor of the city even if you decide to discover Venice during a more crowded period?

There is a way and we advise everyone to give it a try. A large part of tourists visiting Venice come for the day, morning to evening. This is the first mistake. Others decide to sojourn outside of the city, on the mainland, and to “commute” in order to visit the island a little at a time. Another mistake. To understand the city, to get an idea of some of the most intriguing aspects of the city, its real nature, connect with its history, you must have the time to listen to it breathe, see it entirely, free from conditions imposed by the traditional touristic calendar.

To do so in any other part of the year, all you need is a little trick: program an evening or night stroll. The city will begin to empty by ten p.m. (in the winter time much earlier even) and little by little the rhythm starts to regulate, almost as if you were traveling back in time. Obviously, in these moments, it is necessary to respect nonetheless these moments of silence and the tranquility the city offers.

Every angle of Venice holds a little magic. So it’s not required to visit the most known areas of the island in the moments the rush of people is the highest. Of course, there are limits due to the opening hours of the museums, churches, and palaces. But the city is always open and anxious to concede a little of it’s unique spirit for those who have the courage to unearth it’s essence, under the romantically lit street lights, there is a calm that resembles a timeless beauty.


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