Venice city of Sagre (festivals)

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Everyone knows Venice and its incredible beauty and undeniable uniqueness. Sometimes though we get the impression that this island is becoming more and more a big open museum, a large-scale work of art that was meant to be visited, like a mausoleum, simply admiring its marvels. 

But we assure you there is more. There is a different Venice, A Venice that is lively and authentic that you can add to your vacation without missing out on the classical things to do and see while in Venice. It’s the more traditional Venice with folkloric festivals that are usually related to history or religion. Today these events have become easy and perfect moments to entertain all the residents (and not only) in the city.


The best ways to explore the new and different events in this beautiful city starts in June and continues on until September. We’ve already seen which are the more interesting Venetian Sagre (but don’t just stop there, learn about new ones by also following our Facebook page) – How can we not mention some of the most popular ones like Sant’Antonio, San Piero or San Giacomo – and yet no one can get the spirit and atmosphere that make each one of these festivals both special and unique.


For Venetians these are much anticipated events every year, they are occasions to meet and reunite with friends, in areas that during these periods would be otherwise concentrated with tourists. Rows and rows of long tables are set up by the event planners where you can find any available seat to sit and often share with strangers. A perfect way to meet locals while eating excellent grilled meat and delicious fried fish. 


The entertainment, strictly local, never fails: Bands(often with interruptions in Venetian dialect are made in between songs) Venetian dance schools, bingo, and charity raffles.  Which are all enveloped in the spirit to have fun and enjoy the splendid summer nights in Venice. 

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