Venice and the Orient Express 

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There are many ways to reach Venice (we have gone over a few in past articles). But if we told you there was one way, a very exclusive one, and a way different from all the others? Certainly it’s not for everyone, but if you want to make your entrance into Venice a triumphant one you should do it onboard the Venice Simplon Orient Express.

This Luxurious train has comeback with a bang especially since the cinema graphic remake by Kenneth Branagh, inspired by the Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express. Everyone knows the book, many have seen the successful masterpiece brought to screen in 1974 by Sydney Lumet, and many more are discovering this mystery thanks to the recent hype.

Not everyone knows that this elite convoy D’Antan is still active and speeds along many tracks in Europe. Its 17 carriages in art deco belong to the Belmond group and date back to the 1920’s. The train has been restored and perfectly made to have you relive the atmosphere of those years. The day cabins have rooms with couches and tables with sinks that are ready to transform into a bedroom for the night with an upper and lower bed.

Onboard, apart from being spoiled by the stewards dressed in uniforms from the 1930’s, guests can use the three restaurant wagons inspired by those years: the Cote d’Azur, with lalique glass panels,the Orient, characterized by decorations in black enamel and the Etoile Nord adorned with embellishments from the past.  Halfway through the train you can find the carriage where bar and pianist are located.

The classical route is Venice-London (vice versa) but there has been added routes to Paris, Venice, Berlin, Rome, Cracovia, Prague, and Budapest, Innsbruck, Vienna and Istanbul. Unfortunately the prices meet the luxury it promises: lowest fares start from 3100 pounds per passenger to go to Paris to Venice.

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