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guida di venezia

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You’re ready to visit and you can only think of that. Don’t worry. Being excited for your trip to Venice is more than normal. You’ve chosen the best time for you, booked your apartment (obviously with My Venice Apartment) and now the only thing left is a little yet valuable detail: a guide, that preferably fits in your pocket, and that can accompany you throughout your journey in Venice.

Of course nowadays you can find everything online, even groups on Facebook and travel forums with some of the more desperate bloggers. In Fact, for many TripAdvisor is good enough with its suggestions, evaluations and comments from users in determining good places to go. But if you’re looking for something different and a trip that is made to fit your needs, apart form the advice found on My Venice Apartment blog, we are happy to suggest a guide book.

Most sold

It’s trustworthy, young and constantly updated. The Lonely Planet Pocket guide to Venice will let you know what not to miss as well as numerous itineraries by foot and places to go day by day. Included inside is a map that is always useful.

Step by Step

It’s a perfect institution for those who love to travel. For many reasons the National Geographic guide, “Walking Venice goes step by step through Venetian alleys and campielli listing the useful and worth seeing alleys. It is also packed with -obviously- many beautiful photos.

Low Cost 

If your looking for suggestions to visit a less expensive and less touristic Venice (and lagoon) Low Cost is the guide for you. There is much advice on how to visit the island without having to open your wallet often.

Comic Strip one

A must for everyone. It’s Corto Sconto. The guide to Corto Maltese in a hidden Venice. Secrets, legends and magical illustrations with drawings of the popular character created by Hugo Pratt. made for those who really love Venice. Available in English.

Rebellious one

Unfortunately you wont find it in English, but the Venetian guide published by Voland (Guida alla Venezia Ribelle) gives a truly different perspective on the city. A guide that features Venice’s spirit through the words of those who have lived Venice. People more or less known. Definitely worth it. 

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