Uncover the treasures of Moghuls and Maharajas at the Doge’s Palace

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Venice and the Orient have historically always had important ties. This time you’ll find a worthy location on display right in the heart of the city. There is the beautiful show dedicated to the gems and jewels of India from the XVI and XX century, belonging to the Thani Collection.

The Doge’s Palace hosts in fact treasures from Moghuls and Maharajas, with over 270 objects that illustrates the five hundred years of history through the art of jewelry making, from origin or inspiration in the subcontinent of India.

If you needed another incentive to visit this imminent and symbolic event in Venice, the glorious institutional Palace that was once home to the Doge’s, should be enough to not let such an opportunity slip through your hands.

In India, jewels represented something more than simply ornamental. Every gem has its significance and particularity in the cosmic order or a character attribution. In popular culture, some types of jewelry reflect the rank, caste and land of origin, the marital status or the wealth of who adorns it. 

We know that Venice hides history and beauty in every alley, bridge or canal; we also know that more times than not museums and popular events can attract long lines before being seen. But in this case, the treasures of Moghuls and Maharajas truly represent an occasion you can’t pass up.

When the Moghuls assumed power in the XVI century, their master jewelers elevated goldsmiths to a real form of art. Now we have the possibility of discovering this beauty like a game of Chinese boxes, where each box within itself reveals beauty just as the Indian Jewels in Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Ducale in Venice does.

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