Trip to the lighthouse in Venice

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When you decide to visit Venice it’s never a mistake. A vacation to this city is a unique and sure source of emotions and unforgettable memories. But how well do we know Venice? Just like many other historically and culturally rich cities, a few days aren’t enough to grasp the essence of this unique city. But we can try.

To try to uncover the city’s secrets, that hidden thing that hides behind the island’s iconic image, it’s important to experience as many different aspects as possible, even the less conventional ones: you have to investigate under the –always beautiful- surface. This is why a stroll on the beach towards the lighthouse that dominates the lagoon opening to the Adriatic Sea, is the right choice for you if you have an extra day or two to visit Venice.

The Bocche di Porto (where the lagoon confluences with the Adriatic Sea) has three points Lido, Alberoni, and Chioggia, these places allow the inflow and outflow of the tides and the entrance and exit of ship. The bocche di porto work as the marine “lungs” able to help the lagoon breathe and consequently Venice and its islands.

Apart from the symbolic value, to better understand the tide flows that influence and continuously influence the many lagoon activities, a visit to lido and its bocca di porto (not to mention the other two points, that we will discuss another time) can be the perfect moment to become even more acquainted with Venice’s essence.

With a brief and spectacular trip in vaporetto (waterbus) from the city center (with many public transport lines) you can reach the island of Lido. From there, continuing on towards the Gran Viale you can reach the sandy beach shore, where the coast offers public and fully equipped beaches. If you walk towards the left, following the trees along the coast or walk along the beach shore you’ll reach the pier that leads to the bocca del porto and the red lighthouse that till this day aids boats and their navigation.

A beautiful walk that will allow you to see the place where the sea meets the lagoon, the splendid panorama of the Venetian Coast and the gargantuan construction site of the mobile damn that is meant to preserve Venice from exceptionally high tides (MOSE.)


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