Trip to San Giorgio: the Island of Marvels

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In Venice there is a not so big island named San Giorgio. You can’t miss it (it’s in front of San Marco) and yet it still carries an air of mystery because in fact, you only see the Palladian façade. But the heart of the island holds many marvels and all of these are available to see only during the weekend with a guided tourLet’s take a look.

The Abbey and The Bell Tower 

The complex of the San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica is certainly one of the reasons to visit the island. Apart from the Church- in which we will find Tintoretto artwork, Palma il Giovane and Carpaccio- you will find a splendid abbey and the characteristic bell tower where you can see Venice from a famous point of view.


The Cloister 

The Cypress and Palladian cloister will leave you breathless. Both are perfectly restored, and will take you back to the peaceful time when it was a Benedictine monastery. The perfectly kept and geometrical flowerbeds wonderfully compliment the beautiful architecture.


The Borges Labyrinth 

You wont believe it but the island hides a marvelous reconstruction of the garden-labyrinth that the architect Randoli Coa dedicated to the Argentinian writer Borges.



The large complex that the Cini Fondation offers includes a splendid library with the original 17th century shelves. You can visit the Loghena Library (named after a famous architect) and the “New Manica Lunga” that was once a dormitory of the Benedictine monastery has been transformed in a library center.


Verdi Theatre 

The surprises don’t end here. The eastern side hosts an incredible amphitheater that faces the island of Lido. It has a stage that seldom has concerts and shows. If you’re in Venice when there is a show make sure to buy a ticket right away.


The Squero

Just recently reopened, it’s a new space for Music in Venice. A concert Hall and an Auditorium. It faces the lagoon and hosts some breathtaking concerts.

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