Top 10 Best Venetian cicchetti (and where to eat them)

venetian cicheti

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Where to eat in Venice? But most importantly, what to eat? These are frequently asked questions, so don’t worry. There are those who love to immerse themselves in the traditional cuisine, those who look for a more international cuisine, those who prefer full course meals in elegant restaurants, and well those who don’t have the time to sit down because the city is too beautiful and deserves exploring in depth. If it is your habit to eat something quick, but savory, that is both traditional and made with territorial ingredients, bacari (typical Venetian bars) and cicchetti (venetian snacks) are just for you. Here are some suggestions on where to taste a few Venetian delicacies.


1 – Calamari Kebabs (Cantina Do Spade)

Fried fish in a typical Osteria, between Campo San Polo and Rialto. Perfect for an aperitif.


2 – Shrimp and Lard (Osteria La Ciurma)

Be prepared to dream: a shrimp wrapped in lard will send you to paradise. Comfortably just a couple steps from the Rialto Bridge.


3 – Meatballs (Osteria alla Vedova)

They are the best Venetian meatballs. One is never enough. Right in the middle of Strada Nuova.


4 – Mozzarella in Carozza (Gislon)

Not a typical Venetian dive, but still delicious. Choose the one with anchovies. They crank them out by the thousands. It is just a few meters from the Rialto Bridge.


5 – Shrimp and Arugula Paninetto (Osteria al Volto)

Choices are many (making it more difficult). One of a kind and fresh panini and tramezzini, meat and fish. Before arriving in San Marco stop here.


6 – Crostino Baccalà aka salted codfish (Cantinone già Schiavi)

Popular for its ample choice in wine, but let’s talk about its baccalà mantecato! Perfect place in between from a spritz in campo Santa Margherita and a walk along the Zattere.


7 – Zucchini Blossoms (alla patatina

Stuffed and fried: these will make you forget all your troubles (after which you can take advantage of a shaded bench in Campo San Polo).


8 – Mixed Deep Fry (Paradiso Perduto)

Endless front counter: choose something fried it’s a guarantee.


9 – Cold Cuts served on a wooden cutting board (Alla Bifora)

Cicchetto or not? Doesn’t matter: Italian deli meats are the best, the selection of these cutting boards are a demonstration of this. Right in Campo Santa Margherita.


10 – Paninetto with finocchiona Tuscan fennel Salami (Al Mercà

The Panini are small, but you won’t be able to stop from eating one after another, obviously accompanied by one of the most famous spritz in Venice, between the Grand Canal and Rialto.

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