How to get ready for the month of Art in Venice

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It’s not spring in Venice until the big art inaugurations begin. Often, during the frenetic and exciting period of spring and on, Venice becomes even more than ever the capital city of art. Not only is there the various art shows in every corner of Venice, there is the contemporary art in the grand museums, foundations and galleries. 

If you are organizing a trip to Venice during this period (the information is valid even for the summer months) you can’t miss out on some of the fundamental events, even if your aren’t the biggest fan of contemporary art. The lion part, or rather the “king of the jungle,” is the symbol of Venice.  The art exhibitions and architecture exhibition include the Biennale as well as the Pinault foundation, Punta della Dogana, Palazzo Grassi, the splendid photography exhibition Casa dei Tre Oci, and the retrospective collection at the Guggenheim.

So the right spirit for a spring vacation in Venice is divided up into hidden strolls in the city and the more touristic “must see” places, visits to the greener islands of the lagoon and of course visits to the museums.

So it’s best to put a little of everything in your luggage: comfortable and casual attire for the cultural marathons from the infinite roads from San Marco up to Castello and bring the more elegant clothes in case you would like to participate in some of the more chic inaugurations.

Then there are moments that are less institutional, and to tell the truth more fun in which the antique Venetian art of aperitif unites marvelously with the mundane world of contemporary art. Don’t miss out on the HappySpritz organized by the Guggenheim- going strong for the past eight years- it consists of 4 nights in collaboration with Aperol to taste the drink most loved by Venetians-The Spritz- within the splendid garden of Ca’ Vernier dei Leoni, at the museum headquarters on the Grand Canal. At the same time it is possible to visit the art show to the rhythm of the Dj playing.

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