The Venice Casino: Want to bet you’ll like it?

venice casino

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We aren’t in Las Vegas, but as far as casinos, there is one. Which (thankfully) has nothing to do with the The Venetian located in Nevada: the surroundings in this case are authentic.  Not only are the gondolas, bridges, and canals on the splendid island of water the real thing, even the Palaces that hosts the Casino – Ca’ Vendramin Calergi –  is an authentic example of classical venetian architecture.

The Venetian Casino that faces the Grand Canal deserves a visit even if you aren’t interested in gambling. An example of patrician renaissance style, Ca’ Vendramin Calergi is easily reachable from all areas of the city. Possibly after a long stroll down Strada Nova. Today there is another Venetian Casino located on the mainland (Ca’ Noghera) and just until a few years ago there was the Summer Casino located on the island of Lido, in front of the sea, where today it is used exclusively for the Venice Film Festival.


Even though you may not enjoy gambling, why not treat yourself to an elegant dinner organized in the Richard Wagner restaurant named after the famous composer (open on the weekend)?


In the splendid garden, however there are exclusive parties oraganized periodically (Capsula) with food and drinks accompanied by live music during the summer.  The view from the noble floor is breathtaking overlooking the first romantic part of the Grand Canal, including the beautiful façade of the Fontego dei Turchi (home to Venice’s Museum of Natural History).


But if your into challenging your odds, the entertainment offered in the Venice Casino is certainly meant to meet your expectations.  Inside you will find everything available from French tables to American ones and the most spectacular slot machines: French Roulette, Fair Roulette, Chemin de Fer, Midi Trente and Quarante, Black Jack, Caribbean Poker, Punto Banco. During the year, annual international competitions are held of Chemin de fer, gare of French Roulette and Texas hold’em poker.

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