The most famous bridges in Venice

Ponte dei Sospiri

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Almost all cities have bridges if built around a large river. But Venice? You can’t count how many bridges there are (well actually you can 400, 435 to be precise). There’s even a famous marathon that crosses many of them Su e Zo per I ponti (up and down the bridges). These Bridges, big or small made of wood or iron and mostly stone connect 121 islets that make Venice. We will highlight some of the most famous bridges even though there are many that deserve the same  attention.


Rialto Bridge 

It’s the bridge of the Venetian Bridges, the most famous and well-known. We’ve already divulged some perfect places to go to see it in different perspectives, but when your in Venice its inevitable you’ll cross it more than once. Its ample arc in stone serves as a massive passage to both sides of the city.

Rialto Bridge


Bridge of Sighs

Countless movies show two loved ones in gondola pass under this bridge to reach the marvelous San Marco Basin. Its position and white Istrian stone makes it a perfect symbol for romance, but in reality the bridge was served to connect the offices of Venetian inquisitor to the prison. It is possible to cross this bridge when purchasing a cumulative ticket of all the museums in Piazza San Marco.

ponte sospiri


Accademia Bridge

Built in the 1930’s and meant to be a temporary bridge, it is still there showing off in the southern part of the Grand Canal.  At the time of its construction it was the largest arched wooden bridge in Europe. Comfortable in getting to San Marco and Rialto from the Dorsoduro quarter and vice versa. It remains an undisputed breathtaking view when admiring sunrise and sunset on the beautiful Salute Church.

Accademia Bridge


Guglie Bridge 

It crosses the important Rio of Cannaregio that leads to the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon.  It leads to the large street Strada Nova.  The Guglie is important for the quarter of Cannaregio and is a beautiful panoramic point towards the northern part of the island.

ponte guglie


Constitution Bridge

It’s the latest bridge built in Venice and certainly the one with the most modern design. Its controversial architectural plan from the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has made Venetians identify the bridge by his last name rather than its original name. Its lines that replicate a fishbone and the unique aisle made of steel make it a rare and noticeable design when arriving from Pl. Roma or the train station.

constitution bridge

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