The Calm after the Storm

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There is a moment here in Venice when the atmosphere is strange. In fact, it doesn’t happen often. The rhythm of the seasons, especially with regards to the visitors, is usually very evident. It is difficult to find a period in which the city is quiet and placid, even if- if you look carefully- rare moments of tranquility can be found.

From the end of February till March, depending on when the Carnival of Venice ends, the city can enjoy several almost surreal days, due to holiday periods of locales and hotels and the after-math of one of the most adored manifestations of the city (Carnival obviously).

It is the right moment for someone to witness the true soul of Venice. Strolling through the alleyways on the island right after Fat Tuesday is an experience to try. During those days, the city slowly awakens with the intention of getting rid of the hangover from the many parties and visitors of the previous weeks. There’s also a certain charm in seeing the garbage collectors sweep away early in the morning, brushing along a little at a time, against the Istrian stones that pave the city.

Some stores will remain closed those days; some osterie will take a break after the long days of Carnival. But it is in those moments that the Venetians that have remained return to their daily routines and the sensation is an exquisite one.

Since time is moving towards spring, it will be difficult to find harsh days in terms of temperature; actually, between the occasional downpour you will find marvelous, sunny days, perfect for enjoying a long walk in the city, losing yourself until you find the most remote- and always stunning- zones of Venice.

The prices of the apartments are very convenient– especially if you book for more than the weekend. The first art shows of the season are being inaugurated, as well as many concerts being programmed in the theatres.  In other words while waiting for spring, Venice already begins to bloom.


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