The Boardwalk that leads to the unknown

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Amongst the many ways to discover Venice- or at least the real Venice, apart from the way we are used to seeing it through the usual  “postcard” image- there is a vagabond way, a way without any precise itinerary, a way to search hidden places and out of the ordinary ways with little yet big unique features.

We can uncover the hidden angles of the city that reveal many unexpected stories and moments from “another time” with breathtaking surprises.  For example, if one spring morning (but any season will do) you decide to try walking the perimeter of the island, apart from finding out that the city is shaped like a fish, at one point, once you’ve arrived to Celestia, you will find a mysterious boardwalk in rod iron that seems to lead to nowhere.

Right next to the Celestia waterbus dock, where the interesting view of the island of San Michele and Murano are found north of the Fondamente Nuove. It’s precisely where you will find this unusual boardwalk. Get on it. Don’t worry it’s not very long, but the experience is very interesting.

The boardwalk is aligned with the thick walls of the Arsenal in Venice, where the Serinissima constructed its fleet of ships that for centuries made Venice the capital of maritime trade in all of the Mediterranean and not only.  Walking along this interesting piece of boardwalk brings you directly in contact with history, with the opportunity to see the grand spaces that once hosted sailboats and an industrial center.

Normally, this boardwalk leads you to homes or reserved areas. But that’s what is nice: during the year many events organized by Nappe, alle Tese or Arsenale Novissimo open the doors to these hidden spaces that reaveal an authentic and impressive reality. Manifestations like the Biennale of Venice, the Premio Arte Laguna, but also the Garden Festivals as well as the Arsenale Aperto are all good reasons to venture on the venetian boardwalk that leads to beauty.


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