The best pictures to take in Venice

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Venice’s image is burned in our minds. It’s the image we all love and recognize, a familiar panorama for even those who have never been. If you look for the hashtag #Venice on Instagram or Facebook you’ll find thousands and thousands of pictures that often look the same (our account strives to be different, take a look.)

Everyone loves the beauty of Piazza San Marco, the bell tower, the Basilica and the magnificent Rialto Bridge and the enchanting sunset on the Grand Canal. Apart from these pictures, that you most definitely already have in your camera or smartphone (maybe both), we are sure it would be nice to show your friends and family on social media some more particular photos of the city.


Sunsets in Venice are marvelous, from all perspectives. But enjoy the sunny and warm views from the Lido Island directly on the San Marco Basin. There is the intimate and delicate light that touches the Fondamenta of the Ormesini or the summer sunset that will leave you in awe when navigating the Grand Canal in Vaporetto past the Salute Basilica.



There are thousands of canals in Venice.  But some are more photogenic than others. So why not explore the Fondamenta Nuove canals, or the ones that open up to the beautiful San Giovanni e Paolo campo, or the splendid Rio Marin early in the morning. There is also in Dorsoduro the beautiful canal that flanks the Fondamenta Barbarigo.



There are so many churches to choose from, and if you’ve already taken a picture of the San Marco Basilica, you can venture to the little gem, Chiesa dei Miracoli (Church of Miracles), or the splendid church of Santa Maria Formosa, or the isolated and dominant church of San Piero de Casteo.

Chiostro Madonna dell'Orto 4


All the Venetian panoramas give you great satisfaction, but changing perspectives can offer you different images like San Marco from the Giardini della Marinessa, an unexpected view of the lagoon from Lido island towards Poveglia- or the whole skyline of Venice from the island of Giudecca.


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