The best commercials filmed in Venice

Venice commercials

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How many postcard images of Venice come to mind in a second? Many, we are sure. Venice is without a doubt one of the most marvelous places on earth. It’s on the Top 10 list of cities photographed, regardless of its small dimensions. Therefore whoever wants something that captures your attention you can’t go wrong with a city like Venice. If you have some doubts just ask all advertisers from all over. 

During the years, Venice in fact has been used a privelegded stage and natural set for dozens of commercial and advertisements for various purposes (lets not forget about the numerous movies filmed here.) There are many Italian advertisements set and photographed in this famous city, from Piazza San Marco to Rialto and the Grand Canal. Many companies and international brands would be honored to incorporate their trademark with Venice.


Luxury and beauty are obviously at first place (from lingerie to perfumes) but there is much more. If in fact all the fashion houses have used Venice as point of reference, the lagoon city has become a perfect setting to promote cars, snacks, airplane companies, liquors, coffee, and domestic appliances as well as sparkling beverages.


Good then, you’ll say: where does the magic stop in Venice? It’s true it seems never ending but if commercials exploit the stereotypical ideas of the fascinating timeless city, for other commercials the challenge is stimulating creativity. So then we find ourselves quickly imagining canals in Venice as rows of farming crops, clouds, iced over or even on the contrary, imagine the island without water, completely arid.


And then there some commercials that have pigeons ready to reunite for drinks, more or less alcoholic, first encounters with high water, gondolas everywhere, and ones with the carnival atmosphere.  There is even a hot air balloon in Piazza San Marco. Here is a list of some curious commercials, more or less copyrighted and fantastical, which have Venice as their beautiful background.


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