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  • Scuola grande san giovanni evangelista

    What are the Scuole Grandi of Venice?

    Don’t worry they aren’t literally big schools.  If you visit them you won’t find hundreds of students outside or professors waiting for class to end. Nothing of the sort, rather the Scuole Grandi, that transcend even today guard values and traditions, without forgetting its artistic importance. Continue reading

  • Campiello

    Venice: Alleyways, Fondamente, Rio and Salizada

    Venice is a unique city and as we have already seen has its own dictionary. But when streets and piazze are mentioned we are convinced we know what they mean.  But Venice is even unique in this sense: there aren’t streets or cars, but alleyways (calli) and smaller alleys (callette); no piazze but squares, no rivers but canals and rii. Here are some suggestions in orientating and getting accustomed to these names.   Continue reading

  • How to spend Valentine’s Day in Venice

    Valentines is the holiday dedicated to those in Love, in Venice it’s worth double.  Why is that? The lagoon city is the authentic city of love. No other big city can give the sweet intimacy that Venice offers with every hidden alley-way.  To quote a classical Italian comedy, Venice, the moon and you, is the perfect line to describe Venice.  Continue reading

  • venetian masks

    Carnival masks in Venice

    Venice and Carnival, perfect combination. Not only for the centuries of historical importance but this festivity is another reason to come visit the city in winter. Nowadays, during Carnival period you can see people in various costumes and masks strut along the street, from classical attire to characters inspired by movies or video games.   Continue reading

  • campanile madonna dell'orto

    Bell Towers you shouldn’t overlook in Venice

    They stand out between palaces and are scattered about Venice with calculated randomness. They are the Venetian Bell Towers. There are more than 100 (170 more or less when counting the island ones) and at first glance they can seem similar to each other. In reality they each have a different story and architecture.  Continue reading

  • venite MD

    What was Venice like in the 1500’s?

    It’s easy to get to know Venice today, even for those who have never been (but obviously it isn’t quite the same thing.) Books, stills, satellite photos: Venice has no secrets not even for those that live it through a computer screen or navigate through their smartphone.  That’s why the map of Venice of Jacopo de’ Barbari, Venetie MD, (see photo) is still very relevant and important today.  Continue reading

  • dolomites

    The Dolomites seen from Venice

    If something or anything could match the beauty of Venice than it is rightfully the Dolomites. It is a protected natural landmark of UNESCO that Mother Nature created. But with beauty comes competition: Beauty is Universal. And if instead you could sum up these wonders? (All those terrific images are by Nicolò Miana, great venetian photographer. Visit nicolomiana.com). Continue reading

  • Christmas tree

    What to do in Venice during the Christmas Holidays

    If you’ve chosen to visit Venice during Christmas, you won’t regret it. The Christmas period is perfect to enjoy a romantic vacation surrounded by a one-of-a-kind winter atmosphere. Don’t expect polar weather (temperatures rarely drop below zero) but if your lucky you’ll be able to see the beautiful city under a mantle of light snow.  Continue reading

  • foggy venice

    What to do in Venice when there’s Fog

    Oh no, Foggy day. We’re in Venice, it happens. During the humid Autumn in a city on water it’s a condition that can verify itself easily. But there’s no need to despair, quite the opposite actually. In Venice the fog is an opportunity really. You’re not in a car so therefore not dangerous and it’s not raining (even if we know what to do when it rains in Venice). The atmosphere is mystical and hazy making it the perfect opportunity to travel on a magical adventure in this timeless city, in an even more unique scenery.

    Continue reading

  • acqua alta

    What is High Water in Venice?

    Acqua Alta or High Water: Venice comes straight to mind.  But what is it in reality? When does it happen? What are the causes? And most importantly what should we do when it happens? Here is some information that can be useful so that you aren’t left “soaking” during your Venetian stay.    Continue reading

  • Venice in Autumn

    5 reasons to visit Venice in autumn

    Venice is always marvelous. But every season holds different hues of beauty that exalt some of its qualities more than others. If hot summer nights embrace you in a festive energy, fall reserves unexpected surprises, like limpid sunsets and typical atmospheric phenomenon. Here then are some valid reasons to visit Venice in autumn.   Continue reading

  • summer of san martino

    The summer of San Martino in Venice

    With some exception, but there is nothing you can do: In Venice the summer of San Martino (Indian Summer) is (almost) always bound to happen. It’s a small bet, but November offers a lot of different and special sceneries in Venice. We’ve already touched upon water and fog – typical fall atmospheric conditions – but there are days, especially in these days, during this period, that make you think of springtime.  Continue reading

  • Historical museum Venice

    Not the usual museums in Venice

    How many museums are there in Venice? Many, but that’s not the point.  Venice is a unique city and when we visit it is definitely useful to change perspective now and then. Venice in itself is a large and open museum. Every Palace tells a story of the centuries, every church is an incredible masterpiece while every alleyway or campo rewards us with priceless architecture.  But obviously there are many and also very interesting traditional museums. The most famous you already know, so here then are some different ones but all the while valid alternatives to the most known ones.  Continue reading

  • salute

    5 Things to know about the Madonna della Salute festival in Venice

    First of all, when: The Madonna della Salute Festival is the 21st of November. If in your travels you are looking for beautiful places and also traditional authentic experiences, this festival is something you can’t pass up. For Venetians the Madonna della Salute has a very important significance and is very heartfelt.  It is the anniversary that remembers the end of a terrible plague that devastated the city and northern Italy between 1630 and 1631.

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