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  • Venice city of Sagre (festivals)

    Everyone knows Venice and its incredible beauty and undeniable uniqueness. Sometimes though we get the impression that this island is becoming more and more a big open museum, a large-scale work of art that was meant to be visited, like a mausoleum, simply admiring its marvels.  Continue reading

  • aperitif venice

    Time for an Aperitif in Venice

    It’s definitely not something that originated in Venice, but residents are very fond of it for sure. It’s that time that never fails with every season. Yet during spring and summer there is more to savor: The days are longer, its enjoyable to stay outside and campi are filled with young and the not so young who are ready to begin their night (or finish their work day) with a drink in hand. Continue reading

  • vera Venezia

    5 Things to do to get to know the real Venice

    Vacationing in Venice isn’t enough to get to know the heart and soul of the city. It’s a bit of a Venetian philosophy: Venice is a secretive city that should be revealed a little bit at a time. Here are some suggestions to start off on the right foot and explore the long love story of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Continue reading

  • How to spend Valentine’s Day in Venice

    Valentines is the holiday dedicated to those in Love, in Venice it’s worth double.  Why is that? The lagoon city is the authentic city of love. No other big city can give the sweet intimacy that Venice offers with every hidden alley-way.  To quote a classical Italian comedy, Venice, the moon and you, is the perfect line to describe Venice.  Continue reading

  • arsenale

    The Alternative Carnival in Venice 2016

    We’ve already seen the more exclusive parties in Venice during Carnival. Good, but you can still live this exciting celebration without spending crazy prices or getting an almost impossible invite. The Carnival atmosphere invades the whole city and during this period, there are many historical palaces, hotels and bars of all types, rigorously masked, all with the desire to have fun in Venice for Carnival.  Continue reading

  • ballo del doge

    The Dream Parties of The Venetian Carnival 2016

    You can say a lot of things about Venetians but one thing you can’t say is that they don’t know how to have fun. And the Venetian Carnival is the perfect occasion.  The parties organized in historical palaces throughout the city during this period are really famous and the hunt for an invite has become even more difficult to get.  Continue reading

  • Venice commercials

    The best commercials filmed in Venice

    How many postcard images of Venice come to mind in a second? Many, we are sure. Venice is without a doubt one of the most marvelous places on earth. It’s on the Top 10 list of cities photographed, regardless of its small dimensions. Therefore whoever wants something that captures your attention you can’t go wrong with a city like Venice. If you have some doubts just ask all advertisers from all over.  Continue reading

  • spritz venezia

    Spritz in Venice: how to drink one?

    Did you know that drinking a spritz can be considered a rebellious act? Well, more or less. The aperitif Spritz is a Venetian must: take everything away from them but not their spritz. Often the drinks origins are confused with legends so much that in many cities in and out of  the Veneto region claim to be the birthplace. Continue reading

  • not like a tourist

    How to not look like a tourist in Venice

    Every year more that 24 million tourists arrive in Venice. That isn’t a few. And if you don’t want to feel like your part of the masses, there are certainly some tricks to adopt to not seem like a tourist in Venice (apart from booking a nice apartment in Venice instead of an anonymous hotel) and enjoy the satisfying and memorable “slow” vacation.  Continue reading

  • venetian traditional dishes

    The best traditional Venetian dishes

    You can say a lot about Venetians, but you can’t say that don’t love to eat and drink well. They may not be gourmand recipes – in fact often the ingredients are of a poor nature – but the satisfaction in tasting the most exquisite traditional Venetian plates is guaranteed. We’ve seen how to choose the best restaurants in Venice and some of the best cicchetti, so here then are couple suggestions in ordering the best meals in restaurants, especially if you want to experience the city’s culinary atmosphere.  Continue reading

  • venetian cicheti

    Top 10 Best Venetian cicchetti (and where to eat them)

    Where to eat in Venice? But most importantly, what to eat? These are frequently asked questions, so don’t worry. There are those who love to immerse themselves in the traditional cuisine, those who look for a more international cuisine, those who prefer full course meals in elegant restaurants, and well those who don’t have the time to sit down because the city is too beautiful and deserves exploring in depth. If it is your habit to eat something quick, but savory, that is both traditional and made with territorial ingredients, bacari (typical Venetian bars) and cicchetti (venetian snacks) are just for you. Here are some suggestions on where to taste a few Venetian delicacies.

    Continue reading

  • Campo Santa Margherita

    Venice by night in Campo Santa Margherita

    Where do you go out at night in Venice? When you hear this question, the first answer is Campo Santa Margherita. Since forever, this beautiful campo in the heart of the Dorsoduro quarternot only represents the principle pathway to the Zattere and Accademia but also the perfect place to meet up and enjoy the city until late. Continue reading

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