A sustainable vacation in Venice

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Those who choose My Venice Apartment favor a type of vacation that doesn’t cater to the usual tourist. It’s a slow type of trip in discovering Venice. And we are proud of this Venice; this is why we suggest you visit Venice during the low season (not in the summer.) Not only because you can discover a different Venice but a more authentic less crowded one so you can feel the true nature of this island of the lagoon.

If you want to experience Venice to the fullest and discover its marvels, the best way is to start from the areas less known, which are of no means less beautiful than the known areas- then you can slowly work your way towards the San Marco area in the right time and the right way.

There are many different ways to get to where you need to go and you wont regret trying them either.  You can choose to move about the city and take advantage of the transportation at the best time.

Alternative choices could be a traditional Osteria, fill your water bottles with delicious fresh water from the public fountains and go to the less visited islands.  If you love the sea take advantage of the beautiful beaches on the Lido island; if you love nature then visit the island of Sant’Erasmo (The Garden of Venice); If you love art then discover the masterpieces hidden in the thousands of churches on the island of Venice.

All cities, especially the old and prestigious ones need to be lived in, in order to be really understood. Venice needs to be treated in a careful manner, always ensuring not to leave any signs of our passing through it, to maintain its beauty and natural oasis. This does, however, not mean that we couldn’t live and taste Venice to its fullest, while making memories, sensations and emotions that can only be found in this amazing city.

The equilibrium in Venice is very delicate. To make sure everyone has the same chance to experience the beauty we need to treat the city with passion and respect, love and comprehension. And because of this, such an extraordinary city deserves  extraordinary treatment from its visitors. Like when dusting a very fragile but, at the same time, magnificent chandelier from Murano: every glass leaf requires the most attentive care in order to reveal a special light without age.

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