How to survive Carnival in Venice

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Carnival in Venice is one of the most famous events in the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people arrive to the island found in the Lagoon to witness the costumes and masks, to see the Flight of the Angel and experience the joyous celebration and party atmosphere that takes hold of the city.

But is everything truly so perfect? If you love festivities and frenetic maybe even a little chaotic experiences, visiting Venice during Carnival (especially during the weekend) will be just that. But if you would like also to enjoy the island and attractions than visiting during this time isn’t ideal.

You’ll encounter one way traffic through alley-ways, oceans of people – Piazza San Marco can reach 120,000 people during the Flight of the Angel – while waiting in lines, packed restaurants and blocked alleys can ruin your stay in Venice during this time.  And that would be a shame.

So then how can you survive Carnival in Venice? If you choose to visit during this time there are a few things to avoid that can help “save” you form having a bad time.


Above all choose wisely where you would like to stay, a good suggestion would not be staying in a chaotic area or having a room with little acoustic isolation, especially when you would like to turn in after a long day.


Carnival is diffused throughout the whole island, even if the heart of carnival is in San Marco. Opt for events organized in squares or areas out of the city center.


With a little preparation – even by just reading this blog – you can prepare an alternative itinerary in order to reach different parts of the city that you would like to visit or events you would like to partake in. Don’t follow the herd of people, you’ll find yourself in the form of a snake made of people moving very very slowly. Choose the longer and out of the way streets, it will save you some time and keep you in a good mood.


Timing is everything. First of all, the ideal would be taking advantage of Carnival in Venice during the weekdays. Of course you won’t find all the costumes and masks, but the atmosphere is intact and many attractions are active nonetheless.  During the weekend though, the evening is a good time especially on Sundays: to walk around the streets that are relatively calm with less people so you may enjoy the splendor of this city without missing out on the carnival festivities.

Foto di copertina dalla Pagina FB ufficiale del Carnevale di Venezia.

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