Slow Venice: built for man

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Venice is a city built for man, if there is such a thing in this world. But being also an island, there is no doubt that its element is a liquid one.  For centuries Venetians have lived a unique relationship with water, the lagoon and sea.  The water is a source of food, barricade against enemies and via for communicating. The water is part of Venice’s DNA and those who live there. 

That is why there isn’t a better way to explore Venice than through its canals and Rios.  But there isn’t just Venice: all of the minor islands are part of the Venetian Heritage and shouldn’t be overlooked. To experience an authentic Venice, you need to tread the waters with a boat, and not motorboats but rather oars or sails, because why not try paddling between the incredible reflections of this city.

Like a real Venetian

You want to try the experience of rowing in a typical Venetian Boat? Venice Onboard offers the possibility to book a personalized itinerary and “voga alla veneta” lessons, just like a Venetian resident. This is the real Venice.


Wind at your Stern 

If you want to push yourself a little further and venture beyond the city canals to visit the lagoon and its vegetation and other islands… A good idea could be doing it in a sailboat. The experience is breathtaking: just the wind in your hair and the silence of the boat caressing the surface water. What’s more you can exit the lagoon and face the placid Adriatic Sea while flanking the coast of the splendid Lido Island.


Grazing Water 

Something original? No problem: try navigating with a Kayak in Venice. You can program trips for a couple of hours or for a day and graze the surface of Venice’s waters.  Don’t be afraid, it seems difficult, but going in a Kayak is truly something for everyone.


The Eco-friendly boat

It’s not by oars or sails. But there is a boat in Venice equally sustainable. Its fueled by an electrical motor and solar panels and lets you explore everything you want in the lagoon and even more, while paying extra attention to the environment.

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