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Everyone has heard of carnival in Venice, many love it, and others find it very demanding.  It’s a special period of crosses and delights during the Venetian winter. Every year there are numerous events, parties, and shows for the occasion. 

This year carnival will unfold between the 11th and 28th of February. You will find a little everything including dinners, balls, and fashion shows, costume and court competitions, everything and more from one of the most celebrated carnivals in the world.

Of course Carnival in Venice are all these: The flight of the Angel, the Corteo of the Marias, Piazza San Marco and the continuous modeling of elaborate or last minute costumes throughout the city streets.  It is a continuous race to get the latest invites to some of the most exclusive parties and expensive dinners in costume on the Grand Canal, as well as resisting the cold to find a space first row to watch the boat parade that opens the festivities.

But there are alternatives for those who are looking for a different slower Venice during the Carnival. Of course the culminating and most popular events are exciting for everyone, I mean it is The Carnival in Venice after all. In case you were planning on following all of the main events, be ready to arm yourself with a lot of patience during the weekend.  These events in fact draw many visitors from all over the world that typically crowd in a few areas of the city.

So the best option, if you are still hoping to get the same atmosphere but with some slight changes, would be experiencing the festival during the weekday and not just the weekends. Here are some ideas on how to live the Venetian Carnival a little different from the usual. (The complete program of events, exclusive parties excluded, can be found here)

For those who love to walk

Venice is the perfect city for those who love to walk: there aren’t any cars. But nonetheless during Carnival it can be difficult to move around considering the crowds of people that swarm the island. That’s why we suggest you join the official processions like the sportive NordicWalk in costume or for those who love horror the fun ZombieWalk. Both will take place the 11th of February, morning and afternoon.

Experience the Traditions

Carnival also signifies rediscovering the history of Venice. Piazza San Marco will display from the 18th of February to the 22nd a “Salotto dei Mestieri” a mix of professions –Vanity AF- Fair- Venetian artisans will exhibit the best of the city from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. While in the Rialto area you will find organized laboratories for kids and more.

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