Sant’Erasmo: The Vegetable Garden of Venice

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It isn’t important how beautiful Piazza San Marco is, the Rialto Bridge or the Grand Canal, a visit to Sant’Erasmo is worth it. It isn’t so much the island that deserves being seen but rather you deserve to see it.  Hidden between the barena, protected by the northern lagoon, Sant’Erasmo is a green paradise.

If during your vacation in Venice-you would like to take a little break from all the artistic and architectural beauty or mankind’s works of art, a trip to this island will put you back in touch with nature and it’s beauty.

You’ll take the paths and streets that cross the island and follow canals and fields of vegetables. Venture inland and walk along the riverbend towards San Nicolò; During the summer you’ll enjoy seeing the venetians play soccer on the “bacan” when the tide is low.

Take advantage of the little farms and their magical produce in season. Discover the cultivation of the local violet artichokes of Sant’Erasmo, from the first “castraure” (the first pick of harvested artichokes) April through mid-June and enjoy the beautiful sight of the field and it’s purple flowers.  If you happen to arrive at the right time, don’t miss out on the Sagra of the Carciofi Violetto of Sant Erasmo in May. It’s an artichoke festival you won’t forget as well as the characteristic festival “del Mosto” the first Sunday of October.

Visit the recently restored Tower Massimiliana, and if you’re lucky there will be an interesting exhibition showing; relax on the beaches of island, used primarily by Venetians alone that visit the island with their boats and enjoy an aperitif with view of the sea at one of the kiosks.

You can lunch in luckily -one-of the not so many farms of the island (Lato Azzurro) and pass the day amidst the trees until dusk and don’t forget to purchase a jar of honey before sunset when taking the vaporetto back to Venice as the sun dives in the clam waters of the lagoon.

Foto di copertina: Grome da Flickr.

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