An Oscar for Venice: Paolo Sorrentino

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There have been numerous movies filmed in Venice. In fact, where else can you find such an original and unique scenery? But thanks to the Oscar-winner director Sorrentino, movies in Venice are surely gaining actuality for having integrated the Venetian Lagoon in his series The Young Pope.The whole world can view the series, 10 episodes produced by Italy, France, and the USA. The adventures of the young Pope, interpreted by the talented Jude Law, will be most enjoyed by fans of Italy’s historical beauty. Even more than the artistic quality to the series is the setting of such a beautiful country, including glimpses of Rome and the Vatican Gardens. In the series you can enjoy recognizing the numerous reconstructions of settings like the Sixteenth Chapel or Venice’s more darker side.

We are used to seeing Venice as a bright and vivid city, and even the director’s take on Venice at night isn’t any less fascinating.  Venice doesn’t need any extra publicity, but the director was able to put a different light on the ever so popular Saint Mark Square.

After all, the love story between the director of the Grande Bellezza and Venice doesn’t begin here (in fact his first movie was presented at the Venice Film Festival.) In Youth, a daydream of protagonist Michael Caine depicts the beautiful model Madalina Guenea walking on water at night in Piazza San Marco.  A marvelous Venice is shown in the hidden areas of San Sebastiano and San Michele (an island where the city’s cemetery is found.)

Youth Venice

Youth di Paolo Sorrentino

Now with the Young Pope, Sorrentino has returned to the lagoon, making Venice an important setting in the story. We won’t spoil the series’ ending but in the last episode, Venice’s magnificence explodes on screen. Every episode in fact refers to the city either in authentic or dreamlike images. One thing is certain; Sorrentino spent this January filming in the lagoon. Will you recognize the beautiful campo on the Grand Canal where a prop dock was set up for a vaporetto? Follow us on Facebook to learn the answer.

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