Not the usual things to do in Venice

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If you love Venice, you’ll probably be tired of doing or hearing the “top ten things to do in Venice” which will include visiting the Basilica of san Marco, the church, the bell tower, etc… All Good, but to change it up a bit you can decide to do something and see something different. A reminder that in Venice you can do more than just see you can also experience and enjoy.

Learn to Row

Voga (rowing) is the basis of the Venetian culture. As a matter of fact for many knowing how to go about any boat is fundamental. Today you can learn to “drive” a traditional boat with oars in more than one setting. We suggest you check out Row Venice (prices ranging from 85 euros) or Venice Onboard.

Go Slow

The best place to experiment a “slow” approach is Venice. A city without cars is historically unique. Here man and nature are on a smaller scale. The mass tourism and the one-day tourist put the city’s authentic rhythm at risk constantly. Fortunately, apart from following our alternative suggestions on the blog– there are other organizations like Slow Venice that are ready to help you with a sustainable/alternative Venice.

Glass in Murano

It is one of the most antique traditions of the city. The art of glass – making in Murano is renowned all over the world. For centuries in fact, in this part of the globe, fans of fine art come to Murano to purchase artistic pieces in glass. And not only can they purchase, they can assist- when booking- a live demonstration as well as having a go at the furnaces experience being a “Mastro glass maker” for a couple of minutes (like Abate Zanetti for example.)

Fishing in the Lagoon

The lagoon has been a life source for Venetian’s for centuries thanks to its fruitful waters. Today things have changed a lot (unfortunately) but the ecosystem still has a lot of delicacies to offer. To learn more about biodiversity in Venice and the naturalistic beauty of the lagoon (as well as a fisherman’s lifestyle) organize a tour with Burano Pescaturismo.

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