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Historical museum Venice

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How many museums are there in Venice? Many, but that’s not the point.  Venice is a unique city and when we visit it is definitely useful to change perspective now and then. Venice in itself is a large and open museum. Every Palace tells a story of the centuries, every church is an incredible masterpiece while every alleyway or campo rewards us with priceless architecture.  But obviously there are many and also very interesting traditional museums. The most famous you already know, so here then are some different ones but all the while valid alternatives to the most known ones. 


Museum of Natural History

It is certainly not the Smithsonian or the Museum of Natural History in London. If you are looking for quantity this is not the place. The Museum of Natural History in Venice is located in the beautiful quarter of Santa Croce just a few minutes from the Rialto Bridge and Campo San Giacomo. The entrance offers a small well-kept garden making it an ideal place to take a break and relax while visiting the city.  The Palace that hosts it is the Fontego dei Turchi, that dates back to the 1200’s and faces the Grand Canal. Inside you will find interactive presentations of the origin of life, from dinosaurs to now. Kids love it.

museo storia naturale

Glass Museum 

The excellence of Glass has only one name: Murano. The whole world knows the small island in front of Venice as a synonym to artistic glass. Without comparison. In the beautiful patrician palace in floral gothic style the museum tells the history of glass and its evolution in the past 700 hundred years with exhibitions, sculptures, and much more.  Even more it’s an excellent excuse to visit the beautiful Island of Murano.


Palazzo Moncenigo 

A museum of textiles, costumes, and perfumes? Only in Venice. Just a small walk from Campo San Giacomo and Rialto, Palazzo Moncenigo is a surprise.  Would you like to see up close valuable Venetian gowns of the 1700’s? Immerge yourself in the history of costumes and fashion? This is the place for you. Not to be overlooked is also the incredible journey dedicated entirely to perfumes to satisfy your sense of smell.


Ca’ Rezzonico

An incredible journey to the seventeen hundreds in Venice, the palace itself that faces the Grand Canal would be enough to visit for its view. From the garden just recently renovated to the noble floor and attic you can uncover Venice’s history through marvelous paintings splendidly preserved. A suggestion: don’t overlook the last floor, even though there are many stairs you will discover beautiful art work with a priceless view of the Venetian roof tops.

ca' rezzonico

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