Lazzaretto Nuovo: not the usual island in Venice

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Venice is an island, everyone knows that. At the same time though Venice is more, a lot more: It’s a combination of islands that make up a marvelous net of unique scenery and diverse vocations within the Venetian Lagoon.

Apart from the much celebrated Murano, Burano and Torcello, each one famous for their own reasons, there is a “minor” island called Lazaretto Nuovo.  In the past years this island has been re-launched and renovated thanks to the particular attention from the Association Ekos Club that has had concession of the island since 1977.

The decision to recuperate the island and renovate the existing buildings has made it possible to visit this marvelous angle of the lagoon.

The History

The first documents written regarding Lazzeretto Nuovo date back to more than a thousand years ago. During the roman era the island, located at the entrance of the lagoon, was a fundamental meeting point for the territory.  Over the years this marvelous outpost has been used for different purposes, from salt mine to hospital for leprosy. The island was meant to prevent contagion (hence the name of the island Lazzeretto Vecchio old) it was then later used for military purposes under the Napoleon dominion becoming a fortification for the lagoon’s defense until being managed by the Italian military up until 1975. 

Visiting Lazzaretto Nuovo today

Nowadays, Lazzaretto Nuovo is a marvelous archeological and naturalistic post far from the crowding tourists found in many of the other islands. In 2018 the island became accessible every Saturday and Sunday from the 7th of April to the 28th of October, exclusively with two guided tours: in the morning at 9:45 and in the afternoon at 16:30 (in correspondence to the arrival of the ACTV line 13:  leaving from  Venice Fondamenta Nuove at 9:25 and 16.05, from Treporti at 9:25 and 15:25.) The tour, which overall lasts about two hours, includes a historical and archeological route, within the surrounding walls and a stroll in nature along the external barena. An offer or contribution is anticipated for the island. Before planning to visit it is best to contact the association.



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