I Saw a Dinosaur in Venice

museo dinosauro

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Venice is an island, but not a Jurassic Park. Don’t worry after visiting Piazza San Marco, having taken a picture on the Rialto bridge and possibly taken a gondola ride, then maybe your children would like to do something different. So how about visiting the Museum of Natural History in Venice where you can encounter a dinosaur. 

Of course we are in Venice, so it can’t be compared to London or the Smithsonian in Washington by size or collection, but for its smaller dimensions even this institution has a lot to show.


The Palace

The fontego dei Turchi is a splendid Palace of Medieval origin (dates back to the 1300’s) that faces the Grand Canal. Its façade is different than most Venetian Palaces and will leave you splendidly bewildered. The museum is very easy to reach and is found just a few steps from Campo San Giacomo, one of the most beautiful campi, lively and a hangout for Venetian kids.


The collection 

Upon entering the Museum of Natural History you will be lead on a journey through the different era’s on earth. You’ll find many fossils, animations and reconstructions in a multimedia path to uncover the origin of species, even botanical and zoological species. Obviously don’t miss out on the wonderfully preserved Ouranosaurus Nigeriensis skeleton that is more than 7 meters long. If your searching for something different and typically Venetian then take a look at the small but interesting Aquario delle Tenue that recreates the typical formation and habitat of the Northern Adriatic Sea.


The courtyard and garden 

Inside the Fondaco dei Turchi you can find a splendid courtyard, beautiful fountain filled with goldfish and a beautiful garden. Also open to museum visitors, (closed on Tuesdays) this lush space is perfectly well kept and offers a pleasant oasis away from the crowded Venetian alley-ways. But if you prefer not to enter the museum, stop by to view the garden.

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