How to Visit Venice stress free

venice without stress

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How beautiful is Venice? Well, a lot, no doubt. You have to visit it at least once in your life. And the time that you do, it shouldn’t be stressful it should be a perfect vacation in a unique reality. The first step to doing so is to think of the city as a living entity, and not just an open museum. 


Fortunately, the poster card image we are used to seeing everywhere, isn’t a true representation. The spectacular view of Saint Mark’s Bell Tower, the bridge of sighs that envelopes lovers in gondola, or the Grand Canal that splits in two the island, is only one part of the Marine Republic (the most acknowledged.) But if you want to know it better, here are some suggestions that could be useful before disembarking in the lagoon.


Plan Ahead

Apart from booking your ideal apartment, there are many services you may purchase comfortably online, before arriving: from public transportation tickets, museum tickets, parking tickets (Venezia Unica City Pass), a gondola ride, to planning a tour in the northern lagoon to discover the best Venetian Bàcari. Shorter lines and a guaranteed less stressful visit.


Choosing the right moment

Apart from the city’s holidays, for those that have the possibility to choose, it is best to avoid July and August. Even one-day trips offer different sensations depending on the period you visit. To vacation in Venice with less stress it is ideal to rise early and go to bed late, and to rest during the central hours of the day, especially during the summer.  Dawn ands sunset are the hours that offer the city serenity and incomparable lighting, while nighttime is simply magical.


Start from the hidden marvels

Anxious to see Saint Mark’s square and the Rialto Bridge? Leave it for last. As soon as you arrive, get familiar with the island, visit less crowded areas like the Jewish Ghetto, Campo Santa Margherita or the Zattere, or take half of a day to walk along the shores of the island of Lido. You will then discover Venice in a less stressful manner little by little.

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