How to prepare yourself when visiting Venice

visiting Venice

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Here we go. Tickets in hand. Reservations made and expectations high! You are about to visit Venice, I mean its no Detroit (with all respect). If you have already visited, by now you can’t get enough; but if it’s your first time in Venice, here then is a few suggestions to experience your vacation to the max!


1. Venice is unique (the Las Vegas one is made of plastic and well the Californian one has nothing to do with this one). If your expecting to visit it like Paris you got everything wrong.  Venice is a wonderful island (for pedestrians) different from all other cities. Respecting her as a unique city is the best way to become in sync with her rhythm and traditions.


  2. Venice is small. If you think you going to encounter immeasurable distances, as your GPS would say, you need to “recalculate.”  Moving around by foot is not only feasible it’s also advised. Often walking takes much less time in reaching places rather than using crowded waterbuses. What’s more, in this way you can discover with every turn a breathtaking sight.  


3. San Marco is not the only thing that exists. No, if you’ve only visited San Marco you haven’t seen everything there is to see in Venice.  There are an infinite amount of hidden treasures, maybe not as magnificent, but that could offer you years and years of priceless memories. There are many treasures to uncover, so try to take note before leaving (on this blog you are sure to find many tips) and you won’t regret it.


4. GPS and Maps.  You won’t know how great it is to get lost in Venice unless you try it. Don’t Panic. As you know the distances are small and you will surely meet a Venetian ready to point you in the right direction in the not so crowded alleyways if needed.  Remember, too many glances on Google Maps could make you miss a little piece of heaven…


5. Lose your habits. In order to discover Venice, the real Venice, you have to leave everything behind and open your eyes and heart. If you’ve already read something about the splendors of the “Serenissima” (aka Venice) or the origins of this Marciano city you will have certainly found some things to do in regard.  But if you are looking for a trip across time and for the soul, well then let yourself be guided by Venice’s beauty, and you wont regret it.


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