Guide to Venice during the summer

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Summertime in Venice is marvelously full of color, longer days and beautiful sunsets in the Salute Basilica. If you have chosen the summer months to visit this splendid city you’ve chosen well, and with a couple suggestions you can enjoy the cities beauty to the fullest by avoiding the more crowded areas of the city during the period. 

Just so you don’t arrive unprepared, it better to remember that Venice in particular during the months of July and August- it can be very hot and humid.  So here are some suggestions when oragnising your days in the lagoon for a perfect vacation, heat and crowd proof.


Drink at the fountains

There are many fountains in Venice (we have a special post dedicated to them.) Refreshing and free water is available for the public. Always bring a waterbottle to fill up (more than once) you won’t regret it.


Look for green areas to relax

Walking all day in the city can be tiresome.  Under the summer sun it can be even more tiresome.  Fortunately hidden and scattered about the city are gardens and parks where you can find some shade, and cool tranquility.


Take a stroll at night

If the central hours of the day are torrid, it’s best you stay in your air-conditioned apartment and plan an evening or night stroll. Venice by night is undeniably fascinating and it will take your breath away.


Visit an Exhibiton 

Venice has many museums for all tastes and preferences. Alternating long and incredible walks along the city to visit the exhibitions and musuems can be an efficient way to split up the day, find some cool air and discover new things.


A swim at the Beach 

Of course there are many things to see in Venice; it would be difficult to see them all. But don’t be afraid to dedicate half a day to Lido, specifically during the summer months. There are several public beaches where you can sunbathe and take a dip in the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The charming island of Lido during the summer, especially at sunset is indisputable.

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