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venetian arsenale

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The Venetian Arsenal is one of the most incredible wonders of the city.  Its history is particular: for centuries it was the Republic’s focal power, the shipyard of the city, where all ship parts were assembled and built to dominate the Mediterranean Sea. It was a city within a city that during the golden years had thousands of workers. 

Today the Arsenal area, maintaining its conformation, no longer functions as a shipyard, but has different fascinating activities.  So here are a few good reasons to go visit.



Certainly one of the most known and frequented areas of the Arsenal is that dedicated to the art and architectural exhibition sof the Biennale. The spaces of the Corderie (Roperies) and Artiglierie (Artillary) are the most visited. In the most inner part, it is also possible to admire the Carenaggio delle Gaggiandre Basin attributed to Jacopo Sansovino. Recently, behind the Italian Pavilion, the marvelous Delle Vergini gardens have been opened to the public (and not just the visitors of the exhibitons).



On the opposite side of the Arsenal’s basin, in respects to the spaces dedicated to the Biennale, there is a splendid – just recently renovated – Torre di Porta Nuova. Unfortunately visiting it on the inside and enjoying the terrace’s breathtaking view isn’t very simple. Its access is limited to very few days during the year, so we suggest you target the days the Arsenal is open (days in which all of the area is open to the public, usually around spring).



You most likely have heard about it. The MOSE is the mega galactic mobile damn being built that in the future is meant to protect Venice from exceptionally high tides (the infamous high water). Venice’s Arsenal hosts the control room of the Mose, the center of control in which the system’s walls are managed.



Last but not least, is the section occupied by the Italian Marine. The area visible year round but only in organized group tours, booking at least 30 days prior.

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