Festivals not to miss in Venice

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They say that venetians aren’t left with many spaces to live in due to tourism. It’s true, but there are times when the few lagoon residents wouldn’t give up these moments for anything in the world. These are the festivals most loved and exactly here you can uncover the heart and soul of Music, good food, and an atmosphere unique to the world. They are the perfect ingredients to avoid the itineraries most known and a way to enjoy this very alive and genuine representation of this marvelous island. Here are the rendezvous not to be missed when in Venice:


Festival of Sant’Antonio (6th-13th of June)

It’s called Sant’Antonio, but it’s held in San Francisco della Vigna in the Castello quarter.  If you love architecture and history you will be enchanted with the palladian facades of the church and if you want to have fun, you are in the right place. The square that hosts this festival isn’t very large and the tables available aren’t many so it’s better to arrive in time. Venetians will choose a good plate of fried fish with a good prosecco before enjoying the concert or dance show.


Festival of San pietro de Castello (25th -29th of June)

This is probably the most known and loved festival. It’s held in a beautiful  green square of San Pietro facing Aresenale. You can reach the square by continuing straight on through via Garibaldi or you can catch a Vaporetto to the same Arsenale stop.  Impeccable organization, numerous tables and a rich menu aren’t its only fortes:  the relaxed atmosphere and the big concerts perfectly complete this picturesque painting.


Festival of San Giacomo dell’Orio (16th-25th of July)

It’s one of the liveliest squares in Venice, even though it’s not one of the most known, but during this week it becomes a city center.  It boasts acclaimed ribs, memorable live concerts and historical charity prize drawls. It is the perfect choice (when taking the time) to dine with taste before the fireworks show in honor of the Redentore Festival.


Pellestrina (26th of July – 2nd of August) and Santo Stefano di Portosecco (11th-16th of August)

These are two different festivals (the first being Madonna dell’apparizione), but both are held in the marvelous island of Pellestrina. You can’t go, to both, without binging on peoci (venetian for mussels) and have a filling of Prosecco. And then on the 2nd of August there is the Regata, with folk dancing and an incredible view of Venice’s southern lagoon during the evenings.


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